Knob is an old wooden spool

Small Sewing 


Treasure Basket

1 yd/matching thread for basket

1/2 yd/matching thread for lid

knob your choice

glue for glue gun


Safety pins

Sewing machine and/or needle

Q hook

Glue gun.


                        Use 2" strips

               Crochet into the back loop 

Ch 3

Row 1:    Sc 5 times in ch 1.

Row 2:    Sc 2 in 3rd ch.  Sc 2 in next 5 sts.    (12 sts)

*Mark beginning st of each row with a safety pin.

Row 3:    Sc 2 in each st.    (24 sts)


Repeat rows 1...2...3.

Rows rows 4...5 repeat row 3 or the amount of rows needed to acheive the desired height.

              Weave in loose ends.  Trim.